Connecting my HP DeskJet 3054 Printer to Wi-Fi

At first, you can connect the HP DeskJet printer to the internet with the wireless setup wizard. After connecting, the HP printer installer will search for the printer wile the installation process. Now, let’s start discussing the HP DeskJet 3054 wireless setup( 3054). 

The HP DeskJet 3054 Wireless Setup Wizard:

HP DeskJet 3054 Wireless Setup

HP DeskJet 3054 Wireless Setup – 3054

First of all, go to the printer control panel, swipe down and open to the dashboard.

  • After that, tap the Wireless icon and choose the Setup option.
  • Next, you must access the Network setup option.
  • Reach the 3054 printer wireless settings menu.
  • Secondly, choose the Wireless Setup wizard from that.
  • The HP DeskJet 3054 printer will scan for the available network.
  • Then, it will bring up a list for you to select your Network.
  • Moreover, press OK to choose the network.
  • In case, if it does not bring your network name, choose to enter New Network Name.
  • Provide the name of your network and carry on with the on screen guidelines.
  • When it prompts for the network key, make sure to enter it without any errors.
  • Or else it can lead to network, not connecting issues.
  • Finally, choose the Done option once after keying the credentials.
  • Then, tap the OK option, and you will have the HP printer control panel home screen.
  • Wait for the connection and check whether the network access is successful.
  • The HP DeskJet 3054 printer will display the connection status of your printer.
  • Hence the HP DeskJet 3054 wireless setup, is complete.

HP DeskJet 3054 Driver Installation For Windows

Proceed with the following guidelines for installing the driver for Windows:

  • At first, visit site to download the driver.
  • After that, click the link, and this will direct you to the downloads page.
  • Moreover, you have to select the model number from the list.
  • Secondly, choose the operating system and its version from the list.
  • Moreover, click the Download button and choose a location to save the file.
  • Once after the download completes, double click the file name HP Easy Start.
  • Then, carry on with the on-screen guidelines and finish the 3054 and installation process.
  • Finally, you can start by installing the printer driver on your Windows computer.
  • Make sure to enable the system preferences option to begin with the installation.
  • Add the printer and then start the printing process.

HP DeskJet 3054 Driver Installation for Mac

Execute the steps below for installing the drivers for the Mac system:

  • Firstly, open a web browser and reach site to get the drivers.
  • Now, check for the driver details and click the Download option.
  • After that, you must start installing the 3054 driver.
  • Next, double click the HP Easy start file.
  • Carry on with the on-screen prompts and finish off the setup and driver installation process.
  • Secondly, choose the HP Easy Scan option from the install screen.
  • Click the Continue option, and then you can see the Add and verify the device on your screen.
  • Moreover, you have to select the Add device option.
  • Similarly, choose Print Test Page or Scan Test page.
  • At last, proceed to follow the on-screen prompts and make sure to complete the setup process.
  • Choose the System preferences option and enable the option to add this printer driver to the Mac computer.

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