HP Deskjet 3722 – Tiny and Powerful

We might have heard that the smallest of resources perform the toughest tasks. The 123.hp.com/setup 3722 printer is a perfect example of that quote. It packs some of the most exceptional traits, and in fact, it’s the world’s smallest all-in-one printer.

The HP scroll scan paves the way to handle all the scan jobs in the best possible way. You can place this device wherever you want, and it doesn’t give you a headache for sure. As simple as that, it is a printer for your budget.

It can also operate wireless, thereby prompting the customers to buy it!

How do you Initiate the HP Deskjet 3722 Setup?

To perform the 123.hp.com/setup 3722 process, you need to take note of the steps below:

  1. Initially, the printer is known to arrive in a package. So, please remove all of those unwanted materials
  2. There might be stickers that exist around the device leading to a hindrance. Peel off them too
  3. It is essential to fix and align the cartridges in their respective slots
  4. Now connect the HP Deskjet 3722 printer to a power source using the cords
  5. Link the cable to the HDMI port and the printer
  6. Then power on the computer and open a new tab on your web browser
  7. It’s time to find a suitable driver file and install it on to your system
  8. Do not forget to register the printer on the HP official website

Additionally, you need to sign up for the HP ink replenishment service and acquire more ink for your device.

HP DeskJet 3722 Wireless Setup – 123.hp.com/setup 3722

123.hp.com/setup 3722 - HP DeskJet 3722 Wireless Setup

123.hp.com/setup 3722 – HP DeskJet 3722 Wireless Setup

Connecting your HP Deskjet 3722 is a no brainer, and here are the instructions to complete it.

 Using the WPS

Check whether if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  1. A Wireless network that comprises of a WPS-enabled wireless router or the access point
  2. A PC linked to the network

In case if the WPS router has a WPS push button, you have to follow the Push button method. Otherwise, you can proceed with the PIN method.

PBC Method

Initially, you need to push and hold the wireless button for some time

  1. It starts the WPS push button mode as the wireless light begins blinking
  2. On your router, press the WPS button

PIN Method

At an identical juncture, push the data and wireless feature buttons

  1. It allows you to print the network configuration page and find out where the WPS PIN
  2. The LED light starts blinking after you push hold the button
  3. Tap to open the Configuration utility or the Wireless access point
  4. Finally, you can enter the WPS PIN

After waiting for two minutes, the printer gets connected successfully. In turn, the wireless light stops blinking.

Link your HP DeskJet 3722 to the Wireless Network

For Windows

  1. Depending on what software you’ve installed, you can download and install the printer firmware
  2. When you’re notified, choose the Wireless option and take note of the on-screen steps
  3. Open the printer software using the mouse and click the Tools option
  4. Then, select the device setup & software option
  5. Choose Connect a new device and then click Wireless
  6. Follow the other steps and finish connecting the printer to the network

The printer gets linked successfully, the wireless light turns off, and the device is on.


  1. First, you need to visit the 123.hp.com to download and install the printer software
  2. Double-click the HP Utility in the HP folder under the Applications folder
  3. At the screen top, select the Setup New device from the Devices pane
  4. The printer gets connected successfully in the end

Connecting the printer

Since you connect the new printer, follow the steps below:

  1. The system preferences has to be chosen and go to the printers & scanners tab
  2. Choose the plus option that is found beneath the printers list
  3. You have to select the right printer from the menu

Resolving the HP DeskJet 3722 print issues

  1. Look out for error messages and resolve of all the issues
  2. Relink the cord to tackle the hindrance
  3. Check whether the device is offline or not paused
  4. You can see the status of the printer under system preferences
  5. Choose Delete to eliminate the selected print job
  6. Ultimately, restart the computer and printer

The changes will now take place with immediate effect.

Improving the HP DeskJet 3722 print quality

  1. Ensure that you use the genuine HP cartridges and also check the paper type
  2. You have to check the estimated ink levels and choose the set preferences
  3. In the end, align the print cartridges

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