HP DeskJet 3052A Wireless Setup

Make use of the following guidelines and methods to connect the HP DeskJet 3052A printer to the wireless network:

  • WPS protected setup
  • The wireless settings menu method
  • Traditional wireless connection


  • To start the HP DeskJet 3052A wireless setup, firstly, a wireless 802011 b/g/n network that consists of a WPS enabled router.
  • Next, a computer connected to the wireless network.
  • Make sure to connect the computer to the same network that you intend to connect to the HP printer.

WPS Push Button Method

  • At first, push the WiFi protected setup button on the Wireless router.
  • After that, long press the wireless button on the HP printer and wait until the wireless LED starts to flash.
  • Moreover, press it for 3 seconds to begin the WPS push button mode.

The Wireless Settings Menu Method

  • First of all, press the wireless button on the printer to view the wireless menu.
  • Next, hold the wireless button and choose the Wireless settings from the printer display.
  • Secondly, choose the Wi-Fi Protected Setup from the printer display.
  • Similarly, if you have a WPS button on your router, select the Push button option.
  • And then carry on with the on screen guidelines.
  • And thus completes the HP 3052A wireless setup.

Traditional HP DeskJet 3052A Wireless Setup

HP DeskJet 3052A wireless setup

HP DeskJet 3052A wireless setup

Here are some things you need to have before starting up with the connection:

  • Wireless 802011 b/g/n network that has WPS enabled router.
  • A computer that has internet access from the same network as the HP printer.
  • The name of the home network
  • Finally, WEP key or WPA Passphrase.

Following instructions can help you to connect the HP DeskJet 3052A printer to the home wireless network:

  • At first, load the Software installation CD in the computer CD-ROM drive.
  • After that, proceed with the guidelines on the screen to start with the process.
  • After the prompt, link the HP printer to the computer with a USB setup cable that came along the printer package.
  • Carry on with the on-screen guidelines to provide the wireless network settings.
  • The HP DeskJet 3050a printer will make an attempt to connect to the network.
  • If the connection is not proper, go with the guidelines to solve the issue, and then try again.
  • Finally, once after the connection, unplug the USB cable and test the wireless network connection.
  • Similarly, the HP DeskJet 3050a printer connects successfully to the wireless network, install the software on the computer.

How to Change from a USB Connection to a Wireless Network?

Using the following instructions to change the USB connection to the wireless network:

  • At first, on the computer’s start menu, choose All Programs or Programs, and opt for HP.
  • After that, choose the HP DeskJet 3050A printer.
  • Further, opt for the Printer Setup and Software Selection.
  • At last, choose to Convert a USB connected printer to wireless.
  • And then you must move on with the guidelines on the screen.
  • Check whether the HP 3052A wireless setup is made properly, and make sure that the wireless router is on.
  • Make sure to disconnect from the VPN and then connect it to the network.
  • Now, connect the printer and make sure to print a test page wirelessly and check for the printout quality.

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