Privacy Policy

There are certain things that we collect when you reach us out with the queries that bother you. This part of the lets you know what we collect and why we collect such details.

Personal information

When you contact us using the toll-free number to get your doubts cleared, we collect data such as your name, e-mail address. We assure you that this data will never be misused in any area.

Information that is not personal

We obtain data that is not personal whenever you communicate with our customer care team. These include details regarding the system that you use. Like the version of your system, the internet service provider that you opt for, the browser in which you downloaded the printer driver and many more of such kind.

Cookie details

To enhance the user’s experience we use up your cookies. These cookies usually are on the hard drive of the computer and these keep with them the record of what you browse. Additionally, they also keep with them these details to track the way they operate. We use this information to provide you with what you like.

Sharing the data

We do not share the data that we collect about you to anyone. However, there are chances where we will share generic information that does not include any of your personal details.

Usage of the data that we collect

We collect data mainly to run and operate our site. Using the cookie that we get, we can enhance the in such a way that it provides you adequate information. We also use it to improve the customer care team.

Auxiliary information

Changes to personally identifiable information of a user (such as change of name or telephone number), or if a user no longer wants the service, we ensure that the private data given to us by the user is corrected, updated or removed.

Security issues

To safeguard user information, our website utilizes all kinds of precautions. We will safeguard it, both online and offline, whenever a customer submits some sensitive data through the Using extremely efficient encryption software, sensitive data such as card numbers are encrypted.